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Prediction - Solution

For politics – Shani and Guru are the important planets. If they are strong in the kundli then only one can acheive the good height in the government job or politics. 

In your kundli, SHani is placed in the unfavourable sign of scorpio in the 7th house where it is digbali.  Digbali is certainly a good point for saturn but position in the sign of scorpio makes it feeble in power.

On the other hand, Jupter is placed in the enemy sign Virgo ruled by mercury. Being the 8th house lord, it becomes quite unfavourable for the 5th house which is your status and reputation in the life.

Moreover, The presence of Mangal Ketu Angarak Dosha in the 12th house shows distrubance to the 6th house which is the house of victory over enemies or winning the elections.

Hence native is not having any good chances for the politics.

In kundli, if you have dosha in any house then definately you will never get the satisfaction from the aspect that comes from a particular house. So it is always better to subdue the impact of dosha in order to have overall happiness & success in life.

Chandra Budh Yuti in the 4th house of the kundli made the native very communicated and philanthropist kind a person. But since the sign is of Leo (Surya) where both planets feels good makes the person little adamant and egoistic.

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Prescribed Remedy

Remedy that Relieved the Client

Mangal Ketu Angarak Dosha

1. Sacred Mantra

Shani Gayatri Mantra to control the power of Mangal

2. Gemstone

Ruby Gemstone to make the Surya strong for getting the favours from Polictis or government.

3. Metal

Gold is best for the native and Ruby Ring will do wonders for the native.

Prediction's Salient feature

  • Correct the time with BTR process
  • Hoslitic Review of Kundli/Horoscope/Janampatri
  • Fully analysed the power of each graha (Shadh Bal)
  • Caluclated the power of each houses ( Bhav Bal)
  • Detailed Assessment of Dasa
  • Use the Gochar(Transit) for Timing the event
  • Point out the cause(Dosha) of Problem
  • Find the solution to subdue its Impact on the Kundli
  • Prescribed sacred Mantra as per the native's horoscope
  • Find out the Lucky Stone as per the Janampatri
  • Suggest the Lucky Metal for making Ring or Pendant for better results in the life

*We hereby remain strict and adhere to our policy of keeping the privacy of our customers intact. This Case Study has no mentioning of the native’s any info and any resemblance to any one’s chart/kundli/horoscope/Janampatri will be pure coincidence. We intend not to hurt anyone but to educate Astro lover for their better understandings of Jyotish.

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